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You will be enrolled in our On-Ramp course during the first month of your membership.  The On-Ramp course is mandatory before joining in on our regular classes.  You will be exposed to the philosophies, principles, and basic movements that are essential to understanding CrossFit and its programming.  Movement techniques will be drilled as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group classes.

Below are our offerings.  We are very simple and transparent.  All of our programs & pricing is published and out in the open. We offer a high quality product for a fair price.

Training Term 12 Months Month to Month  
Unlimited $175/mo $205  
13 classes per month $135/mo $175  

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  • Family Membership available.
  • Discounts available to Current Police, Fire, Military, & Full-time Students

Why are we more?  Actually we are not.  We are far less.  Yes, you can join a big commercial gym for less, but look at the training fees and there’s really no comparison.  We cut out the frills and focus on the training.