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This is another great video from Jon Gilson at Again Faster.  The squat is the nemesis of many of you.  Sometimes a fresh perspective can...
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Today’s WOD: NANCY Five rounds for time: 400m run 15  x  95# ohs   Compare times from last Nancy

Gabriela Vesela

When I first started Bulldog Bootcamp, it was for an embarrassing, yet very common reason. My friend was getting married and I wanted to look good in my dress. Yes, that was my main reason.

Now, 4 month later with my vanity aside, I couldn’t be happier about not only starting this exercise program, but sticking with it [and re-enlisting for a 6mo extension]. I recently had a doctors appointment where a series of tests were done for diabetes. This disease runs in my family…

Aisha Mohyuddin

Suzzane (aka Sgt Friday)

I FINALLY found the time to sit down and let you know the incredible transformation Bulldog Boot Camp made on me.  I feel like one of those cheesy commercials for diet products where the chump holds out his pants and is like “I lost 47 pounds on Slim Fast and you can, too!”  I never bought into them, choosing to change the channel and think “yeah, and how much are they padding your pockets.  Liar.  That’s impossible.” 

So, now when I write to you, I feel like a cheesy chump telling you HOW I LOST 25 POUNDS in 3 months from Bulldog Boot Camp…