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Trevor Follow-up

What a fantastic event!  We had 48 athletes take on the Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Challenge yesterday.  In doing so we raised $2400 for the Trevor Win’E Fund to send cooling vests to our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

We had two teams from CrossFit Amplify, a team from CrossFit Naperville, and then Team Chiropractor.  I don’t know where they came from but I love their shirts (Chiropractors do it on a table)


I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for over 13 years. As with many people struggling with this disease, exercise, eating right, and taking care of...
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Dean M.

From long time Grant Park Bulldog Dean M. On behalf of all the Grant Park bulldogs a special congrats to Bulldog management and specifically to...
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Juanita Mora

Dear Greg, Gio and all members of bulldog crossfit,

When I began this journey at bulldogcrossfit- I was looking for an exercise program that I could stick to and obviously weight loss. What I found there was so much more- I found the support of great coaches that pushed me to limits that I never thought I could reach physically nor mentally…