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170318 Saturday Open Workout 17.4 Notes


Please be sure to read the workout description (the official workout description and standards PDF ) and watch the video standards prior to coming in.

As a judge, please do count reps that clearly are not meeting the standards. Let the athlete know what they’re doing wrong so they

can correct it. If they cannot correct it, they cannot get credit for their reps.

As an athlete, if you’re judge gives you a “no rep”, make sure you understand why. If you can’t meet the standards you will not be scored for those reps.

We want everyone to do the open workouts whether you’re registered or not. If you’re not officially registered for the open there is no need for you to turn your score sheet in. If you are registered you must turn in your score sheet filled out properly for me to validate your score. Please use the name of your actual judge, not me if I wasn’t judging you.

Most importantly, do your best and have fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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