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Trodo Open December 3rd


Trey, Oscar, Jenn, and Wendy

This coming Saturday, December 3rd, part of the workout will be the Trodo Open. It’s a team-of-four workout, two males and two females ideally, but can be any four people. Grab your teammates and get ready to throw down. Let’s see how many teams we can put together this Saturday.

it’s trodo open week, friends!!! check out these FIVE reasons why you should show up at Bulldog CrossFit on saturday for this team-of-four workout

1. the open is for everyone…all skill levels, all experiences. we promise it will kick your butt, no matter who you are.

2. it’s fun…this one is a great, team-of-four workout that requires a lot of communication…and you’ll still be able to walk the next day. 😉 #success

3. it’s all about community…working out as a team, with your community, is just better than anything else you might do on a saturday morning.

4. it’s got a row (for calories) in it…who doesn’t love to row right up to that point where you think you might pass out…and then do some ground to overheads?!? then, you know, let your teammate do the same thing. 😉

5. it’s free…why the heck wouldn’t you just do it?!?!

the workout: 14min amrap, ground to row-verhead
the score: ground to overhead reps + row calories = one big score!
the movements: row (for calories), ground to overhead, burpees over the bar

the workout
as a team of four, accumulate as many row calories and as many ground to overhead reps as possible. only one barbell may be working at a time, and any time an athlete changes on the barbell, two burpees over the bar must be completed by a member of the team.

the goal
accumulate as many ground to overhead reps and row calories as possible during the 14 minutes.

the weights
cat 1: 95/65
cat 2 / masters 40+: 75/55
cat 3: athlete’s choice


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