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160520 Friday’s WOD




Power Clean EMOM

0-3min 7 PC @50%
4-7min 5 PC @60%
8-11min 3 PC @70%

T & G all reps
*Score heaviest weight

3 rounds for Reps

1min Deadlifts 225/155
1min Handstand Walks (1m = 1rep)
1min Double Unders
1min Rest

*Scale HS walks to shoulder taps or side wall walks

EMOM for 6 minutes

6 Thrusters 105/75
6 Burpees Over the Barbell

If you fail to complete your round within the 60 seconds, continue and finish it in the following 60 second period, then continue as an AMRAP

*lateral burpees. Score is Rx or Scaled. If you did not complete all reps in allotted time

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