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We’re moving to SugarWOD

SugarWOD: Build Stronger Boxes


Let’s try some sugar! We are going to use this app at the box to post our workouts, log results and share leaderboards.

SugarWOD puts a fun spin on workout tracking. You can write comments and give fist bumps to each other.

Also, you will get a daily workout notification right to your phone!

Download SugarWOD for iPhone ( or Android ( today!


Those of you using BTWB you can continue doing so for awhile but we encourage you to start using SugarWOD ASAP. After this week we will no longer be posting workouts to BTWB. While I know this might be a bit of an inconvenience at first, you will soon see that using SugarWOD is easier and more fun. If you have any questions let me know. See you at the box!

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