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160218 Thursday’s WOD


Strength:  Shoulder Press – Every 2:30 for 4 Sets

8 Barbell / 4 KB Shoulder [email protected]% of Shoulder Press

After BB go straight into KB reps. Use two KBs that equal weight close to your BB weight.

Coach’s Tip

Partner up if needed to make sure there are enough KBs for Strength portion.

Metcon:  10 RFT

  • 5 x Strict Pull Ups/Kipping Pull-ups/Band assisted strict pull-up.
  • 7 x MU to Strict Ring Dips (1 MU to get in position)
  • 9 x Double KB Step Ups 53/35/25lbs, 24/20/16″  (start with opposite leg each round)



If you don’t have MUs do ring dips (no banded ring dips). If you can’t do ring dips do box dips or strict push-ups (no wiggly snakey fish flopping on a pier push-ups)

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