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February Athlete Spotlight — Alex Malhiot


Our man, Alex Malhiot, is the February Athlete of the Month!  Alex has been with Bulldog for almost 2 years and has shown great progress.  He adores clean & jerks, snatches, and plans on accomplishing his goals of handstand push-ups and muscle ups one day. More than just being able to lift heavier and learning new movements, his biggest accomplishment since starting CrossFit is that he has become someone who looks forward to and enjoys working out.  He never thought that would happen.  Surprise, surprise!  In Alex’s spare time, he enjoys traveling to new places and trying new restaurants (anything involving food really).  He loves being active by swimming and running in the summer and skiing in the winter. One of his biggest accomplishments outside of the gym is taking piano lessons.  He’s been wanting to learn to play the piano for years and finally started last month.  Watch out for him at your local concert hall.  We are very happy to know and train Alex.  He’s fun, motivated, and loves CrossFit. Congrats, Alex!

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