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160210 Wednesday’s WOD



  • General: Coaches choices (2-3 minutes)
  • Barbell specific: Burgner and squat prep

Strength/Skill:  Clean Complex

Every 2:30 for 12:30 (5 sets) of

1x Cl + 1xFS + 1xS2O + 1xBS + 1xS2O

Metcon: Thrusters & Double Unders  10 Min Cap

  • 21 x Thrusters 95/65
  • 50 x DUs (100 Singles)
  • 15 x Thrusters
  • 50 x DUs
  • 9 x Thrusters
  • 50 x DUs

Motor:  Row 4 x 200m

In groups of 4 take turns rowing 200m until each person has rowed 4 times. This is not a scored workout. Just go as hard as possible on each 200m.

Coach’s Tip

A full clean (squat receive) to stand must be completed before Front Squat.  Work to a heavy set with proper technique.

The Metcon is a sprint workout (think Fran). If you can’t go 15 unbroken thrusters with Rx weight you should scale down. Advanced athletes that are proficient in DUs may scale up to 115. Regardless of the option you chose, you will stop at 10 minutes. So GO HARD.

If a rowing group has fewer than 4 people add the appropriate rest as though you had 4 people  😉

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