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160206 Saturday WOD


Warm up: Duck walk, arms OH, wall to door. Walking lunges back, arms OH. Then 20 Burpees.

Mobility: Shoulder and Thoracic. Bands and Rollers.

Strength: Bench Press EMOM x 7 min: follow the rep scheme to a heavy single. 3,3,3,2,2,1,1.

Technique: Jerk-10 mins to complete 25 jerks (anyway) @80-85%.

MetCon: 10 Rounds: Every other minute

  • 9xDL 135/95
  • 6xHPC
  • 5xFS
  • 5xBurpees over the bar.


Coach’s Tip

Each round must be complete within the minute.

*Scaling: Performance = 135lbs, 5 x Burpees over bar; Athletic = 95lbs, 3 x burpees over bar; Fitness = 65lbs, 3 x standard burpees  Scale up: 155lbs

The goal is to move fast and efficiently to finish the round before the minute is up giving you as much rest as possible. If you think you can’t stay on pace, load your bar so that you can remove weight to keep up with the rep scheme.

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