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January Athlete of the Month is…Andi Dunn!

AndiCongrats to Andi Dunn on being our January Athlete of the Month!  Andi has been a member since 2011 and she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.Her biggest accomplishment is that, at age 60, after having done nothing athletic her entire life, she loves to work out, learn what her body can do, and feel in top condition among people in her age group.  At Bulldog, she improves almost every day and that feels like one great accomplishment after another.  She loves to read, garden, travel, and cook healthy meals for her family on a daily basis. As a result, her three adult children grew up to be excellent cooks who value sharing good and healthy food with their friends. She adores back squats, deadlifts, and any movement with kettle bells.  She has been working on her kipping pull-ups and toes to bar and plans on perfecting them in a work out in the near future. Overall, Andi has shown great improvement since she started and that has made her stronger and have more confidence to get those PR’s. We are very proud of her accomplishments and commitment to a healthy and fit life style. Way to go Andi!  Keep on rock’n!  XO

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