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Trodo Open Saturday


Tomorrow (Saturday, January 9th) is the Trodo Open. This is a 4 person team workout. Get your team together or we will assign you a team. The more the merrier. There is a version for all fitness levels. Remember, classes are at 7:00 AM (Power Hour) 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM for the Trodo Open.

about the trodo open

It’s all about community. It’s accessible to all skill levels.

Your participation matters.

Opens are 4x per year, at your box.

trodo categories

Four categories, includes every single athlete at your box.

Category 1, Category 2 / Masters 40+, Category 3 / Just For Fun

Workouts are designed to be fun, team-based, and you will never get ‘stuck’ or put your team out.

trodo open 1.2015 | kick it UP

When and Where: Saturday, January 9th, at your box.

The Workout: 17 minute AMRAP for total reps/cals

The Goal: As a team-of-four, accumulate as many reps as possible of rowing calories and ground to overhead in 17 minutes.

The Kicker: 3-Rep Buy-In of Toes-To-Bar or Knees-To-Chest every time an athlete enters the work area.

Workout Summary: The team will have 17 minutes to accumulate as many reps as possible. Only two athletes may work at a time, one on the rower and one on a barbell. There are no minimum or maximum work requirements, but when a switch in athlete happens, the incoming athlete must complete 3 toes to bar before beginning work on the rower or the barbell. Toes to bar reps may only begin once the rower handle is racked or the barbell in on the ground.
**Remember, when the workout begins, the two working athletes must complete 3 toes to bar before beginning their work on the rower and the barbell!** 

The Score: Total Row + Ground-to-Overhead reps

tips from team trodo

Communicate like crazy. Let each other know when you’re about to need a switch and be clear on who’s coming in to take over. It’s a good idea to keep a running rep count for ground to overheads. We suggest that you count up to 100 and then restart the count….we just think it’s easier. Oh, make sure your friends don’t miss their 3-rep toes to bar buy-in!

workout standards

Ground to Overhead: A rep will count when the barbell is brought from the floor to an overhead position and the athlete returns to a standing position with the arms locked out overhead and the hips and legs fully extended. Athletes can clean & jerk or snatch.

CAT1: 95/65, CAT2 & MASTERS 40+: 75/55, CAT3: Athlete’s Choice

Row: The rower handle must be racked before an incoming athlete may start toes to bar.

Toes to Bar: The athlete must begin the rep from a fully extended position underneath the bar, heels behind the vertical plane of the bar. A rep will count when the athlete brings his/her toes to touch the bar. Single reps are allowed. Kipping is allowed.

CAT2 & MASTERS – Hanging Knee Raise: The athlete must begin the rep from a fully extended positions underneath the bar, heels in line with or behind the vertical plane of the bar. A rep will count when the athlete brings his/her knees towards the chest, above hip level.

What’s Next

Be a part of the Trodo Games on Saturday, February 6th at CrossFit Illumine! It’s designed to include all skill levels…you are ready!



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