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151121 Saturday

Randy (solo)

  • 75 x snatches (75/55)

Randy Meets Mary (partner)

  • 75 x snatches (75/55)

Mary (20 min AMRAP)

  • 5   x hspu
  • 10 x 1-legged squats alternating legs
  • 15 x pull ups
  1. One person starts with Randy while the other starts with Mary
  2. After the person doing Mary completes one round, they switch; therefore, switching will take place after each round of Mary until all 75 snatches are complete
  3. Once the snatches are complete, both people (one person at a time) will finish up the AMRAP of Mary until the 20 minute time cap
  4. Of course you can scale to your ability!  Please stay once you are done to help cheer and support the others

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