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Movember 2015 Fundraiser

Our motivation if geared towards highlighting the issue of Men’s Health in today’s stressful environment.  Men are bombarded with information regarding money, family, work, lifestyle.  Yet, the main issue that is missing is the ability for them to realize that these stressful entities wreak havoc on their Health.

Whether they be mental, physical, emotional they (men) need help to get to a place of balance.  When there is none, there is an unhealthy environment both internal, and external.  Leading to a deterioration of immune system functions, and eventually an ignored health check up in the process also.

Mental Health, Prostate Health, Testicular Health are all unbalanced once the Male has begun the cycle of neglecting his Health.  Prostate, Testicular Cancer kills men at an alarming rate. “This year, an estimated 8,430 men in the United States will be diagnosed with testicular cancer. It is estimated that about 380 deaths from this disease will occur this year. These deaths are from cancer that spread from the testicles to other parts of the body and could not be effectively treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or surgery or from complications from treatment.”..more

Please help spread awareness, and help a brother, father, uncle, nephew, friend out with a direct elbow to the ribs and remind them that they Need to be checked regularly.  They are truly needed in people’s life.

#Movember is a special time of the year for the mustache and the Bulldogs!  Would you consider joining our Team to raise awareness, and funds for Men’s Health?

We look forward to your participation also on the Snatches for Stashes event:

Save it on your Calendar!

Snatches for Stashes  
Let’s Help Beat Prostate Cancer!
Our annual Snatches for Stashes will be held on Saturday, November 21st9am!

Randy (solo)

75 x snatches (75/55)


Randy Meets Mary (partner)

75 x snatches (75/55)


Mary (20 min AMRAP)

5 x handstand push ups

10 x 1-legged squats, alternating legs

15 x pull ups

***One person starts with Randy while the other starts with Mary. After the person doing Mary completes one round, they switch; therefore, switching will take place after each round of Mary until all 75 snatches are complete.  Once the snatches are complete, both people (one person at a time) will finish up the AMRAP of Mary until the 20 minute time cap.  Of course you can scale to your ability!  Please stay once you are done to help cheer and support the others.***

Bulldog Bootcamp & CrossFit Movember Team


Thank you,


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