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150606 Saturday Trodo Open

The Trodo Open – Drop it like a squat!

Team of 4 will complete as many reps as possible in 18 minutes of 200m sprints, pullups and medball drop squats.

Workout Flow

At 3-2-1-GO, three athletes will begin work. One sprints 200m, one performs pullups, one performs med ball drop squats, one rests. There are no minimum or maximum work requirements, but no athlete may run more than 200m at a time, and all athletes must complete at least 1 rep of every movement.


Score total reps of pull-ups and med ball drop squats, and score every run as 50 reps. That’s right…50 reps…give it your all!

Movement Standards

200m run

  • The athlete must run 200m. Upon arrival back at the working area, the athlete must tag out the next athlete set to run before another 200m run may begin.


  • CAT1: The rep will start with the athlete under the bar with the arms fully extended. The rep will count when the athlete reaches their chin over the horizontal plane of the bar. Strict, kipping, and butterfly pull-ups are allowed. Overhand, underhand, and mix-grip pull-ups are allowed.
  • CAT2: Ring rows. The rep will start with the athlete’s chest directly under the rings with the arms fully extended. The rep will count when the athlete’s chest makes contact with the ring. Strict or kipping is allowed. Overhand, underhand, or mixed grip is allowed.

MedBall Drop Squat

Weight Standard: CAT1: 20#, CAT2: 14#, CAT3: Athlete’s Choice

  • The athlete must come to a full squat position before picking up the ball (hip crease below parallel to the knees).
  • The athlete must return the ball to a fully extended position (knees and hips) and the ball must make contact with the front and top of the shoulder before the athlete drops it to the floor. THIS IS NOT A THROW OR TOSS OVER.
  • The athlete may not move his feet to turn until the ball loses contact with the athlete and begins to drop to the ground.
  • The rep will start when the athlete squats to the medicine ball. The rep will count when the athlete brings the ball to a fully extended standing position and rolls it over their shoulder to drop to the ground.

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