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141114 R.E.D. Friday

I – Strength Challenge – R.E.D. Friday Version

  • Max DL – 25 min
  • Max Pull up – 10 min
  • Max KB Snatches – 5 miin

Total = Weight, reps on pull ups and kb snatches

The Rules are simple – 

  • A two attempt DL max
  • Pullups for max reps – no re-set allowed (coming off bar and back on)
  • KB snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (one arm switch with rest at lock out)

DL –

  • no sumo DL
  • no straps
  • Do stand all the way up
  • Do lock knees
  • Do stand straight for a count of 2 with shoulders beyond vertical plane

Pull-ups –

  • no kipping with bands
  • no jumping pull ups without bands
  • once you come off bar – count ends
  • once you step off band and rest onto support – count ends

KB Snatches –

  • rest allowed at lock-out above the head
  • kb is not to rest at any other spot on the body or hang position
  • kb is not to be dropped – 10 burpee penalty
  • kb is to be switched only ONCE from one arm to the other
  • kb switch to be performed during movement NOT THE HANG OR RACK positions

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