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140517 Saturday Team WOD

Teams of 4. Scale as needed.

For time – 30min cap

  • S2OH x 200 (45/35) P, PP, or PJ
  • Power Cleans x 200 (75/55)
  • Back Squat x 200 (95/65)
  • Row or Run x 3000m
  • Deadlift  x 200 (95/65)
  • Front Squat x 200 (75/55)
  • SDHP x 200 (45/35)

Since we only have four rowers, some teams will have to run.  
Two athletes work at a time on the exercises.
All of each exercise must be complete before moving on to the next.
The max distance one person can row or run at a time is 400m. You can row or run less.
Everyone must take a turn in the rotation and the rotation must stay the same.


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