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131123 Snatches For Staches

Be here, raise awareness and Funds. Join or donate to the Bulldog Movember Team for 2013! We could not do this without you!! While there is no fee to participate we would appreciate a donation of any kind. You can make a cash or check donation at the box or go online to donate.

or Donate to an Individual Team member that is in the Team already!

Hope to see you here for the Inaugural Event!


75 x Snatches  75/55

There will be an 8:30 and 9:30 class. We will run heats within those classes as needed. If you’d like to cheer everyone on and be here for both classes we would truly apprecatie it.  

At 7:30 AM during the Power Hour with Austin you can do the snatch ladder then stick around to do Randy.

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