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Things You Should Know


Clean – receive in a squat
Snatch – receive in a squat
Power Clean – no squat or quarter squat
Power Snatch – no squat or quarter squat

Cl – Clean
J – Jerk
Cl & J – Clean & Jerk
Cl-p = Clean Pull
Cl-DL = Clean Dead Lift
Sn = Snatch
Sn-P = Snatch Pull
Sn-DL = Snatch Dead Lift

PC = Power Clean
PS = Power Snatch
HPC = Hang Power Clean
HPS = Hang Power Snatch
PJ = Power/Push Jerk

BS = Back Squat
FS = Front Squat
OHS = Overhead Squat
DL = Dead Lift

AMRAP = As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible
RFT = Rounds For Time

SDHP = Sumo Deadlift High Pull
HSPU = Hand Stand Push Up
BJ = Box Jump
DU = Double Unders
PP = Push Press
P = Press
KB = Kettle Bell
KBS = Kettle Bell Swings
a = American swings
r = Russian swings
Kg = Kilograms
BB = Bar Bell
JPU = Jumping Pull-ups

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