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121109 R.E.D. Friday

Skill:        (Remember Everyone Deployed – So wear something RED Every Friday)

  • (SnB)Snatch balance – max for day (15min)   70% of that x 3 x 4
  • (PS+Sn)Power snatch + snatch                      75% (ps) x 1+1     5 sets; 2 min rest

Work  –  4 sets

  • 3     x  bj                  max height for reps/sets
  • 12   x  pull-ups
  • 250m  row 
Rest 1min bet. sets
*Notes: On power snatch + snatch, focus on an aggressive turnover and securing the bar overhead as high and as quickly as possible; the turnover and height at which the bar is fixed overhead should be the same for the power snatch and following snatch, with adjustments for fatigue.
That is, turn the bar over as high as possible and sit into the squat immediately. On box jumps, focus on extending the knees and hips maximally before lifting the feet rather than simply reaching for the box with hip flexion; attempt to drop down onto the box softly.

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