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120813 Monday

Rx’d or scaled? When is it appropriate to scale or Rx a WOD and how do you make that decision? The first step is to ask me or Gio. We’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction but you have to make some decisions for yourself. You have to know if the WOD is meant to be a grinder or a quick burn. A grinder is going to take a while. You may be doing single reps of a heavier weight just trying to get through. On the other hand, a quick burner is designed to be more of a sprint. Fast paced with multiple reps throughout the WOD. On a quick burner you may be able to do the Rx’d weight, but if it’s going to bog you down to a crawl you should be doing a scaled weight. The same applies to box height, med ball weight/height, even pull-ups. Going heavier, higher, longer in a WOD is not always better. If you can’t manage the movement safely and with good technique you’re missing the purpose of the WOD. I’ve seen people going more than Rx’d at times when their technique is questioinable at Rx’d. Let’s check our egos at the door and get it done the right way and make some real progress.



S:  BS    65%   5×5  Tempo (T): 2-0-2. (desc., pause, asc.)

W:  3 RFT

  • 20  x  wall sit ups
  • 15  x  push ups
  • 10  x  ring dips
Skill – rope climb / muscle up work

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