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120809 Thursday

Two (2) man teams

31 minute AMRAP of:


  • 8 Burpees/Person (Alternating)
  • 10 MB Sit-up/Person (Partner Hand-off)
  • 10 MB Overhead Tosses/Person (20/14) (10’)
  • 400M MB Run (20/14) (Run together, split as needed)
Memorial WOD in Honor of  Christopher Wheatley Memorial WOD  

-Brian Clarke

On August 09, 2010, a 31 year-old male career fire fighter died from a fall while climbing a fire escape ladder, this is known as a Line of Duty Death (LODD). At 00:28 Engine 5 Engine 42 Truck 2 Truck 3 Squad 1 Battalion 3 and Ambulance 28 were dispatched to a report of a fire at 615 N Randolph . When crews arrived at 00:31 hours, they noticed sparks emitting from the top of the roof near an external exhaust duct, which originated in a street level restaurant. The victim and three other fire fighters were using an exterior fire escape to access the roof. As the victim came to the fourth floor landing he started to ascend the vertical ladder to the roof, while carrying a 63 pound hand pump in his right hand which was being supported by a fire fighter on the landing. At a point that was out of reach of the supporting fire fighter, the victim lost his grip on the ladder falling 53 feet to the pavement. The victim was transported to the local medical center where he was pronounced dead.
The victim, my friend and fellow firefighter, was Chris- a passionate individual who loved everything about Chicago. He was a proud member of the Chicago Fire Dept. and is missed by many. Chris was a avid boater and to honor his memory, the Chicago Fire Department has named their newest boat after him “Engine 2 the Christopher Wheatley”

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