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Distance and weights may be adjusted depending on the number of participants.  Looks more complicated than it is. A little math before we start and everyone should know exactly what weights they’re lifting and how many reps they’re doing.

I.  Run 3 miles as a team

  • each team member will run a portion of the 3 miles to be pre-determined by the team.
  • the increments are: 1 mile, 1200, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m ( ex: 2 people each run 1 mile and two people each run 800m)
  • the most any one person can run is 1 mile. The total distance covered by the team must equal 3 miles.  
  • all team members start running at the same time.
  • team can’t move on until everyone is finished running

II.  10,000lbs Ground to Overhead

Team determines how much weight and how many reps each team member will lift to reach 10,000lbs as a team. You can go lite and do more reps, or heavier and fewer reps. It’s up to each team to figure out what’s best.

III. Move 2500lbs 200m

  • using weighted barbells, move a total of 2000lbs a distance of 200m. You can use any amount on the barbell you want.
  • two people carry the barbell
  • each team has two barbells
  • each team member must participate carrying the barbell 200m at least once.

IV. Run 3 miles as a team (same as above)

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