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120125 BS

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Check your ego at the door. Please read the linked article and really ask yourself if you are guilty of any of this. One thing you should keep in mind when going for an Rx next to your name, it doesn’t matter the reason why you’re not doing Rx’d reps. If you can’t get full depth in a squat but are using Rx’d weights, that’s not Rx’d. You should not have an Rx next to your name. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just not Rx’d. If you modify your pushup so you can go faster and complete the WOD in a faster time, not Rx’d. Rx’d weights are only part of doing a WOD Rx’d. If the form isn’t up to standard, if the full range of motion isn’t met, it is not an Rx’d WOD. Next time an Rx goes next to your name, ask yourself if it really is Rx’d. Show integrity before ego. Remember, this is training. Winning at life is more important than winning every WOD.  Ego vs Integrity
Strength – BS
  • 5   x  65% + 5    x  bj
  • 5   x  75% + 5    x  bj
  • 5+ x  85% + 5+  x  bj

M/C – Four rounds for time:

  • 20  x  L-pull ups
  • 10  x  slam ball            20/14/10
  • 20  x  Superman’s

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