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Paleo Chili

It’s chili season, and I’m excited to share this recipe that includes a blend of flavors I’ve been going over in my head for quite a while. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look at a bowl of meat and call it paleo chili. To me, chili includes a great combination of both flavors AND textures. Since beans are a no-no, I immediately went to one of my favorite go-to replacement foods: squash. It works well as a bean replacement in this dish. The combination of steak, sausage, and ground beef along with the vegetable combination, created exactly the texture I was looking for. Feel free to substitute the meat of your choice. I made a big batch, because that’s the way I do chili. Feel free to scale this recipe up or down to suit your needs. But keep in mind that it freezes well, and the leftovers are great for lunch or dinner throughout the week. I recommend going all out and making the whole batch!

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