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110916 FS

Strength  –  FS

  • 5 x 65%
  • 5 x 75%
  • 5 x 85%

M/C: three rounds for time

  • 10  x  kb cl-pp-ohs (lt arm)          16/12/9kg
  • 20  x  wb                                     20/14
  • 10  x  kb cl-pp-ohs (rt arm)
  • 20  x  mb sit up 

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  1. Anthony

    You spend the day (or night) at work and then you have to go train. It's bad enough that you have to work to make a living, but then you have to workout so you can keep living (healthy). Often after work you start thinking, burpees or a night in front of the tv? 400m runs or out with friends? Pull-ups or my bed? The alternatives to going to the gym are endless and sometimes way more fun.

    Depending upon what you do for a living, you may have a lot of idle time where you start thinking about why it would be ok if you don't go workout when you get off work. I know for me, I can think of a TON of excuses over the course of my 12 hour shift. Sometimes work takes a turn for the worse and you get stuck there after quitting time, and you figure, "Well, I guess I won't be going to the gym." Funny when you think that and you were only 5 minutes past quitting time…..

    Work can definitely put a damper on your workout flow. Your job can be hard or tiring. It can be stressful. It can happen during odd hours. It can be long shifts. I applaud all of you that still make it to the gym regardless of the circumstances of your job. For some of you, coming to the gym is the only way to relieve stress or keep your sanity.

    So I throw some discussion questions out to you all. How do you do your job and still manage to workout regularly? What is the hardest job to have and still do CrossFit? Is it a desk job? A manual labor job? A school teacher? Shift work? 12 hour or 24 hour shifts? Stay home mom or dad? Some other type of job?

    If you want results, where is the sacrifice?

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