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  1. Lindsay Gibson

    “Inexperience is never a sign that you should quit. Boredom and a complete lack of interest are signs that you should quit." Lindsay Gibson

    Well, whaddaya know? Applies to CrossFit too. Imagine that.

    Newbies get all wigged out about trying (and sticking with) CrossFit. “I’m not good at this.” “I don’t know how to do everything right.” “I must look foolish.”

    Yup. Yup. And Yup.

    And who cares?

    Not me. Not your coaches. Not your fellow CrossFitters.

    Nobody gives a damn if you don’t have experience in CrossFit. Well, let me make a slight correction: A**holes care. But they’re a**holes. Duh.

    The rest of us? We’re just happy that you’re CrossFitting with us, near us, away from us, in another state, country, or on another continent. We just like other CrossFitters. We like that someone does what we do and understands our joy and our pain. We don’t expect you to do everything well and to have tons of experience. None of us were born knowing how to CrossFit. We’re all just learning too, with some folks learning faster than others — just like in every aspect of life since we all popped into this world.

    So if you’re bored with CrossFit or you just don’t give a damn about it? Quit. That’s cool.

    But if you’re just worried about your inexperience, stop worrying. Just get back in the gym and learn more. I don’t give a damn if you’re experienced or not. All I care about is that you have a good heart and an open mind. Period. Dot. Time for more pull-ups.

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