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110325 Them Glutes


    BS – Back Squat

  • 5 x 75%
  • 5 x 80%
  • 5 x 85%
  • 25 x 50%*


    For time:

  • Team 5k row
  • 50 x wb 20/14
  • 50 x ohs pvc

*This is a straight un-broken set

What this means is that once you pick up the bar on your shoulders, you CAN NOT put the bar back on the rack until you have completed the reps CORRECTLY!

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  1. Paul Bryant

    “In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first — ahead of personal glory.”

  2. Phil

    Post WOD tonight is Poor Phil's Bar @ 139 South Marion Street in beautiful Oak Park, IL. Join Bruce, Molly, Jeff and me for libations and conversation. Let off some steam after a tough workout. Start time = 8pm (ish).

    See you there!

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