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Rx’d ?

What is Rx’d. Basically it stands for “as prescribed”. We’re all chasing the Rx, to see it next to our name when the results are posted. But let’s not get confused with doing the Rx’d weight and doing the whole workout Rx’d. If the crease of your hip does not get below the top of your knee on a squat then no matter what weight you’re using it’s not Rx’d.  If your chin is not going over the bar on pull-ups and you’re counting those reps it’s not Rx’d.  If your wallball shots are not reaching and hitting their target it’s not Rx’d.  At Aaron’s expense, I removed the Rx from next to his name because on his last few reps his chin clearly did not get over the bar.  I was about to tell him he wasn’t finished but when I saw the condition of his hands it was clear he shouldn’t get back on the bar.  Rather than have him do more reps he just doesn’t get the Rx next to his name.  I told him this afterward and he understood.

Moving forward, we expect that you will hold yourself to this standard. We’ll be watching of course but I hope I don’t have to call any of you out on this. If you call “Time” to end your workout, if you haven’t completed all reps up to standard, then it’s not Rx’d.  If it takes you longer to get the standard then so be it.

We all do this to be our best. If we don’t uphold these standards then Rx’d completely loses it’s meaning.


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