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Our own Josh Carter with David “Chef” Wallach, owner of CrossFit Rubicon in Vienna, VA

Beta Complex 

  • DL                                    5  x  35/45
  • Cl-P                                 3  x  45/55
  • CG-Sn                              1  x  55/75
  • BS
  • GM
  • Row 


Five rounds for time: 

  • 15  x  sit ups
  • 20  x  ohs         pvc
  • 15  x  burpees


  • 10  x  False grip ring rows

4 Responses

  1. Member

    I think the embargo on the website should be lifted. Many of us members use to like logging on to this website and post silly or funny comments, but now that they have to be previewed and reviewed, NO ONE writes on our wall anymore. It takes the fun out of our site.
    Its okay to revert back.

  2. Greg Major

    I'm not really sure what the problem is? If you have something to post, post it. All I ask is that you use your name. I'll allow just about anything as long as your real name is used. There are many places where you can post anonymously and make mean or rude comments that don't really pertain to our community. Make all the silly, funny comments you want. I won't censor anything as long as you use your real name. — GM

  3. Phil

    Personally I'm a fan of the current policy. Granted, I wish there were more posts – but that just seems to be a function of people signing their name to a post. If it's hilarious, or silly, or whatever, you might as well take credit.
    In my humble opinion, anything you can't sign your name to should not be said at all – or should be worked out in a one-on-one conversation. …just my 2 cents.
    By the way, nice work taking in new workouts and new gyms while you're on the road Josh.

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