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Is it Ten yet?

Team WOD:
Four Teams – AMRAP (calories and rounds) in 20 min.

10 x kb sdhp 16/24
10 x burpees
10 x wb 14/20
Row x calories

One member goes through the exercises and starts to row.
Next member goes through and tags the rower to swap row for calories.
All members will stay on rower until tagged to move out.

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  1. Athletic Supporter

    If someone asked you today “Who are you?”, what would you say?

    Would you say that you are a devoted spouse, a loving child, a motivated employee, an exceptional parent, a good friend?

    Would you say that you are an athlete?

    It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s certainly true. Why? Because…

    Athletes have focused goals.

    Athletes have teammates and camraderie.

    Athletes train hard, even when they don’t feel like it.

    Athletes sometimes feel sore, broken down, and come back for more.

    Athletes don’t make excuses.

    Athletes compete against one another, and against themselves.

    Athletes track their progress.

    Athletes have coaches to guide and correct them.

    Athletes understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

    Athletes know the value of nutrition, recovery and sleep.

    Athletes have an emotional connection to their sport; they feel anxious, scared, excited, happy, proud and sometimes defeated.

    Athletes (the good ones) try their hardest at every practice and in every game.

    Athletes are never satisfied. They can always be stronger, faster, better.

    You are an athlete.

    CrossFit is your sport.

  2. Greg Major

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    — Greg Major

  3. Greg Major

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  4. Member

    I'm sure this won't be posted, but why would you (Greg) change the way this site has been. Sometimes change isn't what is needed. If you really want to change things, let's start with your people. There are days that I know I'm paying for just a gym membership, and getting nothing in return. I thought that your post section was a great way for us to tell you what we really feel, without hurting anyone's feelings.

  5. Greg Major


    Here is your comment. If you have concerns on the way I run the gym or how you're treated as a member, if you are a member, then that should be brought to my attention via a private conversation. If you wish to make your observations public, then use your name. Pretty simple. If you're commenting on the WODs why wouldn't you use your name. If you bad mouth someone it hurts their feelings whether you use your real name or not. If you have a concern come talk to me. If you want to post use your name.

  6. Anthony

    Great job by the SUNDAY FUNDAY CREW! After 2 minute deadlift challenge, we crowned new 3 man team champs(Bruce, Manchild, Caveman) on the Baseline WOD! Then outside for a little football before the BEARS kicked ass! Great to have Zilla and Stripper Spice like to punt on 2nd down so they can hit Mateo while on defense! Great time at the Avenue Ale House! One more game, who's up for next week?

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