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110114 You have One Minute!

Echo Complex:

  • PC
  • P
  • BS
  • GM
  • BNP (Behind the neck press)


One minuter for reps on each exercise:

  • sit ups
  • pvc ohs
  • push ups
  • kb swings (r)

6 Responses

  1. Larry

    Sorry about not making it in but after being stuck by a train that stopped on the tracks twice for 30 mins I turned around and went back home to get stuck by two metro trains! Over an hour on the road and nothing to show for it. Heading to the Police gym before work.

  2. Friday

    How sad, that push ups were by far my absolute WORST minute of the WOD tonight & I do them every single day 3x/day (most days). And to add insult to injury, I got out rep'd by a 53yr old man…… !!!!

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