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101229 Charlie

It was great to have Maddie chearing everyone during the 12 Days of Christmass WOD. She even made her own signs. Check our Facebook page for more photos

Pick a partner and take turns: 

  • 5  x  35/45
  • 3  x  75/55
  • 1  x  95/75 


  • Row  (bent over bb row)
  • C&J 

Three rounds for time: 

  • 15  x  kb  heart beats            12/16kg
  • 15  x  kb goblet heart beats
  • 30  x  ohs                               pvc

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  1. New Year!

    I like this quote!
    As we embark on a New Year, I think its imperative for us to set small goals with a LARGE one targeted. This place has a strong support network that is proven for success; however it doesn't DO the work for you:)
    Thank you all for being great allies in my life long change.

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