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101224. Twelve Days of Christmas

For time:

  • 1    x  bw C/J1
  • 2    x  bw DL1
  • 3    x  burpees 
  • 4    x  pull ups 
  • 5    x  bj 
  • 6    x  wb 
  • 7    x  kb swings
  • 8    x  jumping rd’s2
  • 9    x  push ups 
  • 10  x  ghd ext.3
  • 11  x  ghd sit ups 
  • 12  x  bw FS1 

1Modify the weight accordingly to your strength and skill level.

2Dips can be performed on the boxes/weight stack to the side.

3Sit ups / extensions can be modified to : abmat sit up / superman’s

5 Responses

  1. Anthony

    Want to thank all for showing up this morning and kicking Santa's ass! I've seen a lot of versions of todays WOD, this is one of the toughest! All should be proud! For those who left after the 1st group, check the photo's! Hope all have a great Christmas

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