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101130 Tue. SnaBal

Shades of things to come?

Snatch Balance  –  Max for day

For time:


  • 60  x  sit ups         25/35/45lb plate
  • 30  x  ring rows
  • 15  x  knees to elbows from bar


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  1. caveman

    this should be on the wall-The Underground Creed

    I understand that I am different yet will be given no special treatment here.

    I will go through hell, and there will be no excuses, no turning back once I walk through these doors.
    If I vomit, that is no excuse to stop my workout. I will get back up again …and again.
    I will lift heavy and break records.

    If it’s easy, I will go heavier.
    I understand that this is a battle, I am here to dominate, nothing less. Sitting down … lying down … these are not options.
    I will earn my respect by getting bigger, stronger, faster & mentally tougher.
    I will outwork my opponents and do the extra work that no one ever told me to do.
    I will train with fire in my eyes.
    I will not back down.
    I will be prepared for battle.
    I am a Beast!

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