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101124 Wed Purdy

What does a caveman do on vacation?

Teams for time:

  • 400m row
  • 40  x  pp      35/45lb
  • 40  x  bj       20/24”
  • 40  x  wb     15/20#
  • 40  x  ring rows


You can start in any order that you want, and switch as needed.

Complete the reps as a team as quickly and correctly as possible.

2 Responses

  1. Anthony

    After farmers market, back to the beach. 150 pushups. knees touch, 200m run. 53 box jumps became rock jumps! Who's up for the cross country challenge?

  2. Holly

    Would love to, but I'm in a tough part of my training cycle. Have fun out there! The S-No-W run in Lake Geneva in January is another fun race to consider. I've never been to it, but all my running friends say there is one heck of a post-race party.

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