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  1. Eager for more

    Where's the WOD? The skill work seems fine, but lets get back to leaving the box spent! I, and I'm sure others, want a little more challenge. Thank you

  2. Gio

    Eager for more. I like that.

    Show me your "Skill" and leave "ME" in awe. Until you are capable of showing me that you have total COMMAND of your body SKILL then that will be your WOD.

    Don't believe me? Try it. Oh, wait. You have to show up to do it, silly me. Oh, and By the way

    My Name is GIO.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Anthony

    I'd always like to do more, but be warned, more is not better. Remember that you come to this box for the instruction that is given by an instructor/programmer that knows what he's talking about. Don't forget that Crossfit is a whole process not like global gyms. There are days that kick our ass, days of technique, everything in between. If you follow the principles of Crossfit, you should understand the programming. Maybe you should first learn the principles, then give it your all. And sign your name

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