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  1. New Member

    I'm not sure why the owner of a business would try to implement punishment on his clientele, over a clean or not clean environment. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the gym should be filled with unsafe weights or garbage left unattended. I just feel that if I “pay” for my membership, I am entitled to a gym that is maintained (by paid employee’s.) If you want us to clean up after the gym, then give us a discount? Or hire us? but whatever the case, don’t demand us to clean.
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, and I know I’m new here, and I hope I’ll stay awhile.


  2. Gio

    No one Demands anything of you where ever you go. You have a choice in life and you use it freely. This "box" is no different, and the only thing Greg was referring to was that if you pick it up and use it, dirty (chalk, spit, sweat) it that you would have the decency to clean up after yourself.

    Now, does that sound DEMANDING? Not really, it is something you would do to make it a clean and safe environment for all to enjoy on a daily basis, not for the next class to come in and have the need to clean up, hunt for any equipment. As far as your Entitlement…. Where there it is.

    You are "Entitled" to the best service to Teach, Coach, Guide, Mentor and Support your new found Lifestyle for the longevity of your life.

    You are also "Entitled" to a Safe working environment, for the Labels on cartons to state the truth on everything that can happen to you when you eat garbage and for people to hold you "ACCOUNTABLE" for your actions.

    Accountability in this society has gone the way side letting everyone believe that they are "Entitled" so that they are not responsible for their actions. You belong to a very select group, a company of peers that will work harder, sweat more, cry, bitch and moan when it is due. They also hold each other accountable, that is why this BOX WORKS.

    We are a community that works together for the one and also for the whole. Holding each other up when we falter and applauding the efforts of all when we fall, climb back up and persevere. We also call Bullshit when bullshit is bullshit.

    Thank you for your Entitlement remark. Makes my day seem much brighter knowing that there is one more person who needs to see through that fog. It matters to me who I would rather have a relationship with, someone whom I befriended and mentored or someone who believes they are Entitled to be with me.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, and I hope that you can decide to again post Anonymously or to speak to us directly.

  3. Major

    To New Member,

    I would not want to lose you as a member, and all I ask is that if you use something, put it back. If you use something that someone else took out first, then the last one to use it puts it back. Simple. Not a big complex deal. The rate you pay is already a great discount off of any type of training. We care about you very much and want you to succeed. We also want things to remain orderly so it's the same for everyone. I hope you can understand. If this is truly asking too much of you there's a variety of health club type places that would gladly charge you for the privilege of using their equipment and the leaving it out.

  4. Holly

    A few thoughts that will likely display my apparent lack of common sense, which isn't always common.

    1. Re: the Kettleballs. There is often no apparent pattern, probably because people aren't putting them back right. This leaves me having no idea where to put them. I tried to help clean up Thursday since I finished early, but I just had no idea where to put the one's I didn't use. For me, it would be helpful to have the rack labeled. I would be happy to bring our label maker, if you think this would help.

    2. I personally believe that the Pound social ethics should be explicitly taught during the OnRamp. It shouldn't be assumed anymore, in this era, that it is common sense to clean up after yourself. This isn't "right," but it is what it is. I also believe part of that education should include teaching people how to clean and sterilize the barbell bars or pull-up bar when they bloody them. It is really gross to think that I might be using a bar at six that someone just bloodied at five and never cleaned, especially when the workout might also cause an open wound for me. It is not enough to just tell people where the solution is. I think folks need to be shown how to do this.

    Just my two cents.

  5. NB

    New Member:
    I Kind of see your point, and maybe would kind of care if I didn't have success here. I guess when you've been brought up in a culture where you have no choice but to clean up after yourself, this is just the norm. The only sense I'm trying to make of your "pay" comment, I see this at work DAILY; where as a customer you "expect" certain things. I think you've get your bang for your buck with knowledge and training here, not people to wipe your a**.
    I don't think Gio and Greg are asking to much of people when all they want is for YOU to put back stuff where YOU got it.

    I agree with Holly, (and I've heard Greg YELL this in on-ramp,) but maybe a picture hand-out to all new members letting them know: the how to's of the gym.

  6. Major

    As for punishment, no, there's no punishment. Burpees are good for you. We're doing you a favor having you do more burpees. Just consider it part of the programing. After all, you're here to get ass kicking fit. Being worried about doing a few extra burpees isn't the path that will get you there.

  7. Rosie

    I'm very new to this "box" (i'm learning) and I come from many years at a traditional, expensive gym. Putting your equipment back is gym etiquette 101! There are porters all around whose job is to put equipment back at a traditional gym but it would never cross my mind to leave weights, balls, mats, etc. anywhere other than where they belong. It's common courtesy. Not even 6yrs w/a $60/hour trainer spoiled me that much! Lol!

  8. Christian

    I probably spent more time than I should have thinking about this today, and working on something constructive to add. For whatever reason, I always get riled up when I feel like someone's talking down to me, and I didn't want this to sound angry… because really, I'm not.

    I've been to gyms that handed you a water bottle and a fresh towel every time you walked in. I didn't stick with those gyms, and I'm approaching my one year anniversary with Bulldog. The results have been fantastic, and I truly enjoy coming in every morning. That being said, posts like this (well… actually the previous post, but this seems like the active thread) make it feel more like a staff vs. clients environment than the cohesive community I think we're all trying to build.

    I love the variety of Crossfit, but it sometimes borders on chaos, particularly in the relatively well attended 5:45 class. I'm ok with that. I think our class does a pretty amazing job of working it out every morning with lots of different stuff happening in a small space. However, it also means that you'll likely pass a piece of equipment on to someone else rather than put it away. You may leave it out, thinking someone is going to use it, then be rushed out for met-con or move on to something else, not knowing where it's gone or forgetting that it's still out. When 15 people are trying to get a warm-up in in the :45 seconds between Greg getting annoyed that we're interfering with on-ramp and Gio getting annoyed that we're not lifting, it's easy to lose track of your equipment, especially when things get moved around every 2 weeks and it's tough to remember where something goes, or you're just new and trying to remember not to drop the bar on your head.

    I don't mean these to be excuses. I whole-heartedly agree that we should be taking responsibility for our equipment, making sure it's put away clean, and keeping the area safe. I really doubt anyone in our class disagrees… and if they do, it's probably worth a private conversation. I honestly can't think of anyone in our class that hasn't helped me put away equipment when I was the last to finish. I do, though, think there are some real operational challenges in our class (figuring out how to get everyone through warm-ups in a short window, explaining proper usage and clean-up etiquette for new equipment when it shows up or moves to a new location, etc.) that might be better solved with some collaboration than assuming people don't care.

    Just my two cents… see you all tomorrow.


  9. Jaime

    I agree with Christian. Therefore, please add me to whatever list he may be on.


    NOTE: "Contrary to popular belief, it is not a mortal sin to end a sentence with a preposition, as long as the sentence sounds natural and its meaning is clear. . . . It is absolutely antiquated to forbid ending a sentence with a preposition."
    (Michael Strumpf and Auriel Douglas, The Grammar Bible, Henry Holt and Company, 2004)

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