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It’s your Dog Pound

I don’t recall seeing this box and band when I opened this morning yet after the 5:45 AM class, here they are.

As a result the 5:45 AM crew has 20 burpees coming their way.  Don’t worry if you’re not going to be here tomorrow, you can make them up the next time you come in.  I’ve got a list. 

Remember, you are the Dog Pound.  We’re doing our best to keep it organized and functional but this is an interactive deal. 

Maybe I’m being a bit nit picky.  I mean it’s just one box and one band right?  Hmmm, let me think.  I don’t recall the kettlebells being arranged in this order.

And I sure as hell know that this isn’t how I stacked the weights the other day.

Come to think of it, is this where we keep the Blob family?

This isn’t how I stacked the boxes Friday night!

So, I guess I’m not being nit-picky.  20 burpees for everyone from the 5:45 AM crew for the box and the band.  If you had a hand in any of the other infractions, I’ll leave it to your honor to give me 20 burpees the next time you see me.  If by the end of the week all responsible parties haven’t complied with their burpees, we’ll just add more to next weeks programing.  A lot more. 

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