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101027 Cured

Molly Schoen made the Deadlifts and Dresses Calendar!!

For time:


  • 100  x  kb swings
  • 75    x  kb sit ups
  • 50    x  jumping jacks
  • 25    x  goblet squats
  • 12    x  kb sdhp
  • 6      x  kb snatches
WOD Results
Rosie 9:18
Juanita 11:49 Rx
Beverly 14:30
Mary G 17:34
Betsy 17:45
Lisa 17:05
Mary B 17:54
Jennie 18:13
Megan 14:56
Laurie 14:20
Aaron S 10:48
Jaime 13:54 Rx
Michael 15:29
Anthony 8:13 Rx
Naveed 8:03
Doug 11:47
Phil 8:04 Rx
Aaron 9:54 Rx
Beth 11:59
Wendy 11:38
Cheryl 9:13
Pam 11:38
Clare 9:25
Schoen 13:37
Molly H 9:43 Rx

11 Responses

  1. Schoen

    Thanks guys! Hummel, I know when we submitted our pics it said we would automatically get one. If you didn't get a chance to submit yours, I'm guessing maybe from the Deadlifts N Dresses web page? I honestly don't know.

    And Greg, I'm sure it was probably 3 a.m. when you posted this and you had sleepy eyes, but it should be "made" not "make", and "calendar" not "calandar". Nerd alert…I know.

  2. Josh C.

    That's alright, there has been a spelling error on the links on top of the page for as long as I've been a Bulldog (Resources not Recources), unless we mean Recourses which would be a strange kind of link one would only select in the event they wanted some form of consequence (like extra burpees).

  3. Major

    It was more that I was in a hurry. I happened across the announcement just as I was getting ready to leave the box last night. Recourses? damn. every time I've looked at it, it said Resources. Thanks Josh. Maybe I should just blame it on old age.

  4. Phil

    Way to go Molly! We'll have the calendar prominently displayed @ 644 S. Lombard. What month are you going to be?? …because it'll be that month ALL YEAR, grrrrrrrr. Yea baby, yea.

  5. East Only?

    I don't know how I'm going to have this in my house??? I guess I'll just put it up at work, they'll enjoy it.

    Congrats to all of you.

    You should put up the pics from this event. Pam, Friday, Molly H, and Tony…etc… LOL!

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