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101022 Pendellum

For time:

  • 10  x  snatch  –  Right arm      12/16/20/24kg
  • 10  x  sdhp
  • 10  x  snatch  –  Left arm
  • 10  x  sdhp
  • 8    x  pp        –  Right arm
  • 8    x  pp        –  Left arm
  • 6    x  renegade rows
  • 6    x  sit up and press
  • 4    x  oh lunges each leg
  • 4    x  oh squat
  • 200m run 

4 Responses

  1. Greg's brother Jim

    If anyone is interested in a nice run in the woods right over the Wisconsin border check out the link below.
    You might have to cut and paste. All if the proceeds go to the Pringle Nature Center in Bristol ,Wisconsin.
    I opened the center over 10 years ago and I think that you would love running through the original Oak Forest and rolling hills. Plenty of free parking and just off the Tri-State 294

    Online registration is now open for the 2010 Pringle Run. Go to to register. for more info on PNC/Bristol Woods County Park

    Hope you give it a try. Thanks!

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