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100930 Back Squat

S:   BS

  • 5  x  75%
  • 3  x  85%
  • 1  x  95%


  1. Stretching protocol – activation of hips.
  2. Cross
  3. Groiners
  4. Scorpion
  5. Butterfly – assisted/partner

6 Responses

  1. info Bear

    Chicago Bears vs New York Giants..Sunday Night Football.
    Watch the game and eat a big bowl of grains and sugar.
    And for the love of god please have someone shave
    your back.

  2. Phil

    Molly Hummel is turning 30 on October 5. Such a momentous occasion calls for a small, intimate, yet ruckus get-together.

    Please join me and the gang on Friday evening, October 1, to enjoy good friends, BBQ, and several libations. I'll host the festivities at our abode in Oak Park. Come and/or go as you please, but things will kick off around 6.45ish. With luck things won't wind down until midnight.

    Please don't bring anything…and no gifts please. Your presence is gift enough.

  3. Phil

    When: Friday Oct. 1 @ 6.45ish
    Where: 644 S. Lombard Ave, Oak Park, IL
    Why: Molly's aging gracefully
    What to bring: your sexy-self

  4. Beverly

    Hi Phil,

    Sorry we can't make it to Molly's party but Jaime and I are out of town for a few days. Have a great time and we'll see you all next week!


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