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100928 Press

S:  Press 

  • 5  x  75%
  • 3  x  85%
  • 1+x  95% 


3 rounds for time: 

  • 10  x  burpees
  • 10  x  kb swings
  • 10  x  bw renegade rows

7 Responses


    Way to go Bears! 3-0 baby. Was not pretty but they found the holes in the cheese and won the game.
    That's team work. Talk about a great WOD.

  2. Big Bear fan too

    Oh no doubt about it. Very scrappy but they came out with the win. 3-0.
    The only team in the NFC and only one of three in the NFL 3-0.
    Everyone is talking about it. How fucking exciting.
    Way to go Chicago Bears!
    They are really ripping it up.
    Send the all of those fudge packers home crying

  3. Bearable

    I agree. Not easy to watch at times but you have to put all of your regular fixations and obsessions on hold for something this big in our great city.



    It is good to see that those of us who like to work out also love our Chicago Bears.
    You just have to take a break from one thing to enjoy another..balance I think they call it.
    Some of us CF folk tend to get a bit too focused on CF. You can get into it and into something else and still be the same person. I only caught part of the game due to work. I have the game on DVR and will watch the whole thing later. Looked GREAT on the highlights.

    go bears/bears down:)

  5. Anthony

    Great night in the box! Strength training, great met con, and hot crossfit chicks in dresses! Molly, Friday, Molly, and Pam did a great job showing "Strong is the new skinny" by doing deadlifts in dresses! Guys…you missed it!

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