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100927 DL

S:  DL 

  • 5  x  75%
  • 3  x  85%
  • 1+x  95%


For time: 

  • 800m run
  • 15  x  bj
  • 10  x  k2e
  • 5    x  pull thru’s on parallette’s


  • 500m 

3 Responses

  1. Anthony

    Anytime somebody doesn't feel like training, stop by on mon-wed-fri and see Mary, Michael, and "Sam" tearing it up. Between the PR's and weight falling, they're inspirations for all of us

  2. Naveed

    Well said Uncle Tony.
    We all have our set days and times, but I’ll be lying if I said that the BEST time is not 8 am on days “my” crew is in. Tony with his jokes, Michael and Mary with their kindness, and the occasional visits from Larry (lol.) That’s one of the reasons I’ve been successful… People DO make the difference.
    Thank you ALL!

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