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100925 FGB V

Fight Gone Bad V!

  • Three rounds.
  • Five exercises.
  • 17 minutes total.

For points:


  • wb      20 / 14 lb    10/8 ft target. (reps)
  • sdhp   75 / 55 lb                           (reps)
  • bj        20″ box                             (reps)
  • pp       75 lb                                  (reps)
  • row     calories                              (cal’s)

This WOD can be modified to suit all entrants and restrictions.  

Have fun!          Give it your all.           It’s only 17 minutes.

4 Responses

  1. Jillian

    Great job by everyone today….it was a lot of fun, sorry I had to leave a little early! Saw some amazing efforts, especially from our CF virgins, that are virgins no more!
    Phil…..way to rock the house today!

  2. Anthony

    Great job by all at FGB! Nice to see PR's made and virgins sacrificed! Keep hitting it hard! Also, congrats to Holly on her new 5k PR-crossfit works! Shave a little off so we can race

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