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  1. Anthony

    Back @ Redline-Pam's killing the WOD's! "Running Grace"- take all the weights, bar that one would use for Grace(30 clean/jerks-#135/#65) and put them 50 yards away. Run and bring back each one to set up for Grace(3 trips), then do Grace! 6:18/10:03. Pam also did 3 22' rope climbs!!! Hope all are well

  2. Juanita

    Hey everyone ! FGB 5 is right around the corner ! For those of you that can't make it on Saturday Sept 25th – but still want to do it- you are welcome to join Naveed, Brett and I on friday Sept 24th at 5:45 am to do FGB. Please let us know so that we know who is coming. Should be tons of fun ! Can't wait !

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