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How Bulldog Bootcamp has forever changed my life…

“Every experience affects a person in some way. The resulting effects can be good, bad, or a combination of both. Honestly, the only way to describe how Bulldog Bootcamp has affected me is literally Life Changing! I had no idea what to expect that very first morning I attended Bulldog Bootcamp in LP but if anyone told me that morning would change my life I would’ve never believed them. I believe strongly that everyday is a learning experience but Sgt Friday and D.I. Brooks have taken it to the next level and have shown me that everyday is life changing.  

I’ve been a smoker now for 10 years on and off.  I didn’t realize how smoking was actually affecting my health until that very first workout, it quickly became obvious that it was taking a major toll and not at all in a good way. So after just spending that first hour with Sgt Friday and D.I. Brooks I decided to choose my health over my habit. I haven’t had a cigarette since that very first day and I have NO DESIRE to ever smoke again.

Sgt Friday and D.I. Brooks are AMAZING they have provided me with a workout that is both physically and mentally challenging but ever so rewarding!!  They have shown me that anything is possible as long as I have the motivation and a positive attitude. Their program is wonderful because it helps everyone no matter what fitness level or age you are.  I can honestly tell you the first few days were tough for me.  My body was barking like a Bulldog, but even as sore as I was after that first day, the thought of giving up never crossed my mind. Instead I actually couldn’t stop thinking about how exciting and rewarding the next class was going to be. Now I feel as if every day I’m getting stronger than the class before and I have more energy than I’ve had in years.

Sgt Friday and D.I. Brooks have been nothing more than overly supportive and motivating they want to see everyone in class succeeds!! Every morning before boot camp I actually get butterflies in my stomach, (the great butterfly feeling) because I know that hour I’m going to be spending with them I’ll be doing things I could have never done before this program. I’m just finishing up my 3rd week as of today and I feel absolutely wonderful!!  I’m definitely re-enlisting for their next session of Bootcamp! My mornings just wouldn’t be complete without Sgt Friday, D.I. Brooks and their Wonderful Words of Encouragement.  I greatly appreciate everything you have done and I’m looking forward to spending another month with you, Thank you Sgt Friday and D.I. Brooks for making this life changing experience possible for me!!”


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