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  1. Phil

    Pain cave? Totem animal?? Is it me, or is this guy a giant douche? Maybe it's just me… Thanks for posting – it was informative and hilarious watching this true 'dude' demonstrate

  2. Gio

    For those of you who knock the presenter, there in lies your solution. Don't like his use of verbs? Tough cookies people, but do get to do what he is espousing in order for you to heal yourself.

  3. Bev

    You're not the only one, Phil. Pettin' the dog?

    Anyway, for those looking to open up their hip flexors, I would be cautious about trying the stretch shown in the video. If you do it right after an intense workout, you could throw yourself into a cramp because the calves and hamstrings are put into a shortened position. Doing a Samson stretch would be less cramp inducing for really fatigued muscles.

    Also, if your quads are super tight (as is common with people who have tight hip flexors) this stretch might be more of a quad stretch than a hip flexor stretch, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    In my opinion, PNF is the way to go to really reset muscle length and increase ROM.

  4. Bev

    I'm not. I am however trained in stretching and neuromuscular techniques. I regularly work with people (athletes and non-athletes) with chronically shortened psoas and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in for what it's worth. I hope nobody was offended by my comments. That was not my intention.

  5. Phil

    Yes, Yes – I'm absolutely sure that KStarr is a very accomplished trainer and athlete. His resume is indeed impressive. And yes, he does deliver critical recommendations//advice that is important to stay open minded about. Master thyself right?
    But all that said, when viewing at 6.30am – without coffee – and without any frame of reference of who he is – it's hard accepting pain cave and totem animal references without a little bewilderment.
    Anyhow, it was an informative watch. I hope more and more similar video posts keep a'comin.

    Hope the Saturday team had fun pettin' the dog! Woof woof!

  6. Gio

    Beverly does not need to be Level 1 or anything certified to offer advice since she walks the walk and talks the talk. Ask her in person what she does and she would gladly talk with you about it with knowledge and passion.

    No one here should take anything to mean personally or offensive. Just ideas, suggestions to make our lives a lot easier to live with in a way that makes moving a lot easier and performances to improve in the end.

    Any questions, email me or call me direct.

    Concerns? Same as above.

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