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100826 BS

S:   BS

  • 5  x  40%
  • 5  x  50%
  • 5  x  60%


For time:

  • 600m run
  • 18  x  pull ups
  • 600m run
  • 12  x  pull ups
  • 600m run
  • 6    x  pull ups

15 Responses

  1. Anthony

    If Karen ask's anybody if they want to go for an easy jog, don't buy into it. She gets lost! Thanks Karen. Who's interested in a BDCF running club? We can have a goal of future run, homework during the week and a group run on saturday or sunday?

  2. Phil

    I'm out – oddly I really don't enjoy running all that much…and with hockey starting back to heat up I don't want to stretch myself too thin. Sounds like fun though.

  3. Holly


    Do you have a fever. Are you okay? If you all are up for racing, you can go to or type in Chicago Athlete Magazine to look up local races. There aren't many local trail races that I am aware of in the Fall. The Bullfrog on Oct. 3 may be a possibility. Nice local races are the Making Tracks 5k in River Forest at the beginning of Oct. and the Frank Lloyd Wright 5k/10k in Oak Park – which I think is late Oct/early Nov.

    I'm all business through the end of Oct. or until I break 19:00, whichever comes first, but I am happy to support you all however I can. I will be doing some hard running efforts on Saturdays at either Morton West track or on the roads, if you want to meet for some moral support during hard efforts. Also, Molly H. will attest to the Oak Park Running Club being a great group of people to run with on Monday nights. You should be able to run 5.5 miles at at least 10:00ish pace to not fall off the back of the pack. They also have an 8 mile route. When running isn't your thing, the OPRC does a great job of pulling you through the run. Hope this helps.

  4. anthony

    Ok Holly, no fever, but Larry will tell you I've been the victim of numerous head trauma's that were work related. Running is good and I'm all for it. I was thinking that since we have people getting ready for races, why not have a group outing that can represent the box? We can have a set plan during the week(like homework) and then on saturday or sunday a team run. Maybe a 5k to start, a warrior dash/tough mudder, and 1/2 marathon in the future. Crossfit has a crossfit endurance page and we have Gio and all the runners to work off of. Let me know

  5. Tony

    I'm a tiny bit confused. What am I letting you know about? I'm happy to help anyone in the box who wants to improve their running. How would you like me to help? Are you saying that you would like to do a team time trial on the weekends or are you saying you would like the team to go to races? Is this a longer term thing or are you thinking about a specific goal for the Fall.

    For those new to the racing scene, I would identify a specific goal race to work toward because this helps with motivation and focus. I would count backwards from the goal race and develop a training plan specifically tailored to that race and each individuals needs so that the individual could peak on or close to race day. I personally would recommend the Frank Lloyd Wright 5k on Oct. 24th in Oak Park, which gives people 8 weeks to get ready. Weeks 1-3 would involve "Pre-CFE" endurance building and technique work. The goal of these weeks would be to get folks to a place where they can run 4-6 miles continuously w/ decent technique, regardless of speed. (This is least like CFE, but I find it helps to lay an aerobic foundation before jumping into more intense training). This phase would include 2 endurance and/or stamina days and 1 technique day. The fourth week would be a cut-back/transition week. Weeks 5-7 would be CFE-specific training (2 anaerobic workouts and one endurance and/or stamina workout). The eighth week would be a cut-back/sharpener week to be fresh and ready to race.

    Your thoughts?

  6. Bev

    I would like to run the Frank Lloyd Wright 5K in October. I'm a terrible runner, so my goal would be to run the whole thing without stopping. I'm fine with training in a group but I am S-L-O-W so it might be better to do my own thing.

  7. anthony

    i think that whomever signed my name meant to sign their own…..if we can get a group for any race, lets do it. more exposure for the box and fun for us. if you we can get a group, let me know. i leave for the Vatican on sunday for a few weeks of spirtual enlightenment and will be back in time for FIGHT GONE BAD. Just let me know what we need to do!!

  8. Holly

    Sorry, Tony. Thought I was addressing you rather than signing my name. My brain is pooped. Very hard cases today. I am feeling mentally out of shape for work right now (after the summer off). I will talk to Gio before moving forward with anything.

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